What to consider when buying T-shirts for a reunion


We are approaching the end of the year; you might be planning a reunion or any other event. Among the many decisions to make is to come up with a keepsake item. A reunion should be fun, carefree, relaxed and enjoyed by every member attending. If you decide to give a keeps item, it should be affordable, stylish and functional. Among the most popular preferred items are custom printed t-shirts. You can choose a print like papa the man the myth the legend. If you are taking orders for a large group, keep costs down and always obtain quality. Below are some of the factors to consider when purchasing reunion t-shirts.

What to consider when buying T-shirts for a reunion

Sizes and colors

Pure white T-shirtThe size and color of a t-shirt determine its price. Colored t-shirts are more expensive than white ones. If you want to cut cost based on colors, you can go for pure white or neutral colors like grey. Large sized t-shirts are more expensive. Tall sizes are costly as well. You have to note that not all shirt styles provide plus and tall sizes. Avoid mixing brands. Stick to a single shirt brand with a variety of sizes. It is important to consider the sizes available and the cost of resizing if any size is not available.


The delivery charges and time affect cost in a great way. To avoid extra costs, plan and order ahead. This way the manufacturer will have enough time to produce and deliver without pressure. Remember that the shorter the delivery time, the more you pay.

Quantity discounts

Discounts apply for large orders. The policy is, the more you order, the more you save. If you are doing a group order, it is important to order from the same supplier for the best prices and discounts. Determine the number of t-shirts you need for each size. It is always important to get the sizes from the group members.

T-shirt funding

Custom T-shirtIt is important to determine how you are going to make payments for the t-shirts and any other keepsake items for the reunion. You could decide to make orders for the group and receive payment before the reunion date. Orders should be made as soon as every member is done making their payments. This is the only way to get the right sizes and enjoy quantity discounts. In such an arrangement, members should receive their t-shirts on the reunion day.