Amazing Benefits Of Henna

Henna has been in use since time immemorial as a natural remedy for hair problems. Henna is one of the natural herbal powders which have potent hair healing properties. The following are some of the awesome benefits of using henna for your hair.

Treating dandruff

This is a common hair problem which is very irritating. It is a common hair problem that affects nearly everyone. Henna can help you in coping up with itchy scalp, dandruff as well as scalp infections effectively. The efficiency of henna in treating dandruff can be enhanced by immersing fenugreek seeds in a mixture of water and henna for a bout twelve hours preferably overnight. The seeds used should be crashed. Alternatively, you can boil some leaves of henna in mustard oil.

The fenugreek paste obtained is then applied to the scalp. It is then rinsed with water after about thirty minutes. You are advised to use it on a weekly basis to obtain good results. Fenugreek is loaded with proteins which provide essential nutrients required by the hair follicles. Mustard seed oil is used for promoting the circulation of blood in the scalp. A combination of fenugreek, henna and mustard oil can be one of the marvelous remedies for hair problems. Additionally, henna has soothing and conditioning properties which are helpful in addressing scalp infections and healing of an itchy scalp. It helps in keeping the scalp relaxed and controlling dehydration to a great extent

Preventing hair loss

A blend of mustard oil and henna can be used for controlling hair loss and making the hair healthy. This combination is used as an excellent remedy for treating receding hair line and thinning of hair in women. You should put some henna leaves in mustard oil and then heat the mixture thoroughly. The mixture is then allowed to cool. Lime juice or curd can also be added to this mixture to get good results. Finally, this mixture is massaged into the hair to make it healthy and prevent hair loss. This is done regularly basis to get better results. You will soon fell and see your hair becoming dense and thick.

Keeping the hair healthy

You can keep your hair healthy by applying henna about two times in a month. This will help in making your hair healthy, lustrous and voluminous. Henna is a product which helps in replenishing the damaged hair strands as well as maintaining the balance of the pH level in the scalp. Furthermore, henna is used a powerful hair conditioner for protecting the hair from free radicals and dust. It is also used as nourishment for the hair.